Amber Price ~ Psychic Medium & Reiki Practitioner & Spiritual Growth Coach
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Always and Forever with Amber

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This tree has been designed to honour those who have passed of Suicide.

The whimsical design of this tree exhibits enlightenment- "Illuminati."

Family and Friends have ordered this piece to have a memorial of their loved one. 

Designs can be made to compliment urns as well.

Orders can be made to include gems to honour special dates such as birth stones, family birth stones, important occasions like anniversaries etc.

Please contact for more details or to order your Illuminati. or other styles available.

"Life without love is like a tree without blossoms or fruit"

                                   -Mohsin Hamid

Memorial Trees and Celebration Trees

"Weeping Willow Pink Blossom"

Love sways in all directions, this 6.5 inch tree will take us through the journey of love symbolizing longevity, change, flexibility, strong roots.

$65.00 rock not included


Special order. Made with Swarovski Crystals (pink, blue, purple, opal) with gold trunk on sparkling earth stone. Illuminati style tree.

"Winter Wonder"

Stability will allow us to be strong, colour reminds us that we are all different, long branches symbolize reaching out to others.

$60.00 rock not included

"Ice Dream"

These classy colours of ice include icy crystal clear, vibrant icy blue, multi-toned crystal shine. This 5.5-6 inch tree is grounded with the hematite trunk illustrating that even through the storm there is beauty and solidarity.



This weeping crystal tree was delicately designed with violet, plum, opal green, and lime crystals. The light reflects beautifully to create a piece of eye candy, and it is conversation starter! She stands 4 inches on lime stone.


"Red Ruby"

This 2.5-3 inch tree, created with ruby, is the most powerful tree to offer your dear friend. To give the gift of Red Ruby you are offering your love, friendship, and protection. It is said to give ruby, you are offering the owner contentment and peace.



Like a bonsai, relationships need to be nurtured, manicured, and are so valued that it requires daily love and care. Shaping and building on what we see and adding in our own personal experiences to develop it into a masterpiece. This 6-6.5 inch tree is so special it must be held in it's own private dish, like marriage we hold our partners up on a pedestal all their own.


Designed and hand-made for a young lady to present to her best friend at Christmas. The gemstones were carefully picked to provide significant meaning to the owner's life and finished with a quote from the famous Ralph Waldo Emerson. Placed on a hand-picked rock, this tree stands 5.5-6 inches and uses silver and gold tones intertwined to create the trunk.


Inspired by a love story that is often enjoyed by the river. This tree stands 4 inches and mixes silver and hematite to create the trunk. The blue and clear beads signify the birthstones of the lovely couple, and stands on a rock found where the couple has enjoyed countless hours together.


Courage, adversity, strength. Through all that life has thrown at you, this 5.5 -6 inch tree symbolizes that you have come out stronger. 

"Young Love"

A small but growing tree to signify that love is strong from the beginning and grows over time. This size tree stands 2.5 - 3 inches and is often picked as a Bride's Maid or Flower Girl gift. Pick your gemstones, and colour of trunk, style of tree, and platform - Made to order, each one is made one of a kind unique for you.


This tree was custom made and shows off the beautiful icy colours of winter.

This tree highlights the blue, turquoise, and silver clear crystals on a silver trunk and stands 5.5 - 6 inches tall. 

"New Beginnings"

This 4 inch tree was created to show the love story of a couple. Incorporating birth stone colours of the bride and groom. As well, the birth stone colours of the engagement and wedding months. The "New Beginnings" tree stands on a rock from the couple's favourite place, where they were engaged and had photos the day of the wedding!

"Stone Bonsai"

This tree features a bonsai style finished with stone.


"Crowns and Tiaras...oh my!"

Special line of products for infants and small children to include keep keepsakes for birth of new baby, Christenings etc. 

Tiara and Crowns available for your princess and prince! 

Made to order, pick your gemstones, and made to fit.

Information and Prices

*Prices vary depending on products used. Prices do not include taxes and shipping. All prices are in Canadian funds.

Memorial and Celebration trees are made custom for you; choices of tree trunk colour and size, choice of size and colour and type; gemstone/crystal/bead. 

Additionally, you have the option to chose the base on which the tree will be mounted and if you would like an engraved plaque.

Our beautiful Memorial Trees can also incorporate your loved ones ashes.

2.5 to 3 inch Tree - From $25.00 

3.5 to 4 inch Tree - From $40.00

5.5 to 6 inch Tree - From $55.00

6.5 to 7 inch Tree - From $70.00

8.5 to 9 inch Tree - From $85.00

9.5 to 10 inch Tree - From $100.00

13 to 15 inch Tree - From $200.00

Tiara and Crowns - From $30.00

Contact us to discuss how we can help you honour your loved one with a Memorial Tree or how we can help with that special gift to celebrate your friends and family