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Messages Written To Music

Posted on 5 July, 2015 at 11:45 Comments comments (1)

Some of us look for messages to be given directly, while messages usually come to us indirectly through images, thoughts, co-incidences. Once you know how you are communicating with spirit, your life will never be the same!

When this well-known musician came to me he was not sure what to expect but was sure he would enjoy an "hour of the unknown"! Talking with his friend who had just had a session with me recently, he thought he was in for a great day and a break away from his responsibilities. Let's be honest, in his profession, he can be pulled in millions of directions and is always "on" for the public eye. This day was going to be all about him, and what he did not understand was that his world was about to change forever.

He was taking the reading in stride and validating messages, it wasn't until his father's soul made a stage presence that this was a show stopper!

His father provided an intense amount of healing when he began to explain how he helped his son write a song. You see, this musician has a genre, but there was a particular song that he explains "came out of left field" that was not his usual style. So as I spoke the last verse of the "not yet released" song this musician found the reason he had created this song. This song was written by his father on the "other side" in spirit. This song was his father's feelings, emotions and his father's message to his son. This man could not speak the words to him in life, but made sure he said them to his son through the only way he knew how to reach him - through music. Inspiring, life changing messages written to music.

It is safe to say this day was all about the musician, the man, the son - His whole self. As he gave me an encore, I marvelled in the emotions and healing that had just transpired before my eyes. Healing is found in many ways, but always through love!