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Always and Forever with Amber

About Always and Forever with Amber Medium

As a medium I can communicate with those that have passed over, as well as guides and angels delivering intuitive messages. 


As long as I can remember I was always aware of spirit and that has developed, over the years, to become what it is today!I remember as a child always thinking I was not alone, talking to people my parents knew had passed over, noticing signs and symbols from 'someone'. As a teenager I had a significant loss, that is when I knew that I was able to sense energy and communicate with people who were no longer on this plane. This never seemed unusual to me, even today I think to myself "why didn't I question this? why did it seem normal? why didn't I need anyone to explain this to me?". It wasn't until an event occurred in my early adulthood that I knew I had to use my abilities to help other people. If I could use my experiences to let someone else know that they are not alone, that no one is perfect, and that there are people who will help others no matter what they have experienced or what decisions they have made, then I feel that this is what I am meant to do, and will do it!


Here are the ways I can connect:

Clairvoyance- seeing images like pictures, motion like movies, flashes of light and colour

Claircognizance- knowing of information and messages to deliver

Clairsentience- feeling (touch, pain, tingling, warmth, and cold sensations)

Clairaudience- hearing voice, sound, music

Clairgustance- messages include the ability to taste

Clairalience- ability to have the sense of smell during messages

Empath- sensitive to other people's energy and emotions near and far

I am sensitive to receiving energy wherever I am, whether I am across the country or the world from the person I am delivering the message to, spiritual messages can come! 

In addition to providing readings and coaching others, my husband and I are raising five children! Through these experiences in my life, my angels have lead me to offer "Discover ~ Parent with Spirit" and "Spiritual Healing" Programs. My family has always been my biggest support and encourages my mediumship, I am truly grateful for them, they make it possible for me to do what I do ~ helping others. It is also very fulfilling as a parent to see the traits that are developing in our children and how much of an impact this 'way of life' has made in their development...this is what I wish to share with other parents!

I am honoured to have met such amazing people along the way, and have been able to touch their lives with messages. I have done readings for a wide variety of people ranging from business owners across Canada and USA, actors from CTVs hit shows, successful musicians and recording artists, and fellow mediums... to name a few. I am known for my accuracy and attention to detail. I enjoy meeting new people and bringing them peace through messages sent by their loved ones, angels, and guides. Whether I am asked to surprise a group of people, or I am in a one-on-one reading  I always benefit from the messages, and I never miss an opportunity for my own soul growth!

Recently, I became a member of Spiritual Niagara, an online community that allows me to meet other people in the spiritual field, and offer my services via their 'Readings' and 'Spiritual Art' links on their website. View my profile here


My hope is to bring you messages, and to help you take notice of the signs from spirit. Peacefully and respectfully, I will give you the most of your experience!

I am pleased to announce that I am offering a line of Memorial Trees that I hand-make. Each tree is made to order to ensure that my client has chosen gemstones that hold a significance. Ask about how your Memorial Tree can become a special place to keep your loved ones ashes.

Love and Light,